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The project status

In July 2012 RMGC obtained an archaeological discharge certificate for the Carnic Massif, reaching, in this way, an extremely important objective for the feasibility of the project. The new certificate was issued after the old certificate, obtained in 2004, was annulled through a non-contestable decision of the High Court of Cassation and Justice. In the Carnic Massif there are archaeological relics protected as monuments of national interest. The decision of the Court was based on numerous declarations by expert archaeologists and institutions, among them the Romanian Academy, which demonstrated that the existence of the archaeological relics is incompatible with the processes specific to open cast mining. The new archaeological discharge certificate is currently submitted to Court.

At the same time, RMGC is waiting for an Order of Declassification from the Ministry of Culture, which would result in the elimination of the Carnic Massif from the list of historic monuments. This order should be discussed and proposed by the National Commission for Historic Monuments, but this commission has recommended the inclusion of Rosia Montana on the UNESCO Universal Heritage List.

The Orlea Massif, the second of the four mountains which would be destroyed, is also registered on the list of historic monuments. No archaeological research has been developed in this massif and RMGC has not obtained an archaeological discharge certificate.

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