In the past years thousands of new people from all over the world have joined the campaign and the results are amazing. This massive manifestation of civic spirit entitles us to proudly assert that with the support of each and every one of you we can continue and develop de biggest social and environmental campaign ever experienced by Romania.

Cyanide effects – case study: Marlin Mine, Guatemala

Despite the fact that the experts consider symptoms as cutaneous eruptions and respiratory issues “specific to cyanide exposure”, and numerous cases presenting these symptoms were recorded close to the Marlin Mine, in Guatemala, no study was ever conducted in that specific area. As a result, the representatives of Goldcorp declared that “there is no prove of an existing connection between the use of cyanide and these cases”… Even though:

1884 years since the first documented evidence of Rosia Montana celebrated at the 5th edition of Rosia Montana’s Anniversary

Bucharest, 4. February 2015 – On Friday, 6 February 2015 Rosia Montana celebrates 1884 years since its first documented evidence. Alburnus Maior, the Latin name of Rosia Montana, was mentioned for the first time on the wooden wax tablet no. XVIII found in the local mines and dated 6 February 131. On this occasion, Save Rosia Montana Campaign organizes the fifth edition of Rosia Montana’s Anniversary in more than 20 cities in Romania and internationally.

FânFest 2014 - Nurture the revolutionary spirit!

Roșia Montană, 13. May 2014 - Alburnus Maior and Save Rosia Montana Campaign have the pleasure to announce a new edition of FanFest culture and protest festival. The ninth edition of FanFest will take place this year between 11th and 17th of August. The 2014’s edition of the festival offers to the interested public a variety of multi-cultural activities, bringing together music, theatre, literature, poetry, photography, civic activism, tradition and history – all under the slogan FanFest: Nurture the revolutionary spirit!

4 FAUIMP Rosia Montana - Final Declaration: Get Up! Stand Up!

11. May 2014 - The fourth international forum against unnecessary imposed megaprojects was held in Roșia Montană (Romania) between 8th and 11th of May, 2014. This place was chosen because it is the site of a fight against a highly destructive gold mining proposal and we stand in solidarity with their fight. Over twenty groups struggling against equally destructive megaprojects from all over the world attended the forum.

Today in Rosia Montana has begun the 4th edition of the Forum Against Unnecessary Imposed Mega Projects

8. May 2014 - Today in Rosia Montana has begun the 4th edition of the Forum Against Unnecessary Imposed Mega Projects. The previous editions took place in Val di Susa (Italy), Notres Dame des Landes (France) and Stuttgart (Germany). By hosting this forum, Rosia Montana joins the communities in Europe and around the world who fight against this kind of distructive projects, wether they are gold mines, coper or uranium, hydraulic fracture, airports, high speed trains, tunnels or other infrastructure projects.

Visit Roșia Montană: locals of Rosia await guests for Easter and the 1st of May

17. April 2014 - Alburnus Maior in partnership with București Association organise two short holidays this spring on the Easter occasion (18-21 April) and 1st May holiday (1-4 May), as part of the tourist promotion campaign „Visit Roșia Montană!”. More than 100 people are expected to spend the holidays in this village in the Western Carpathians.


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