The Cyanide Ban

The Romanian Ministry of Environment says YES to banning cyanide based mining

21. April 2016 - The informed opinion of the ministry of environment will underlie the point of view of Cioloş Government for banning cyanide in mining in our country. This point of view was requested by the Parliament from the Government as early as December. The delay in formulating an opinion entailed the blocking of the Parliament's decision-making process.


Cyanide effects – case study: Marlin Mine, Guatemala

Despite the fact that the experts consider symptoms as cutaneous eruptions and respiratory issues “specific to cyanide exposure”, and numerous cases presenting these symptoms were recorded close to the Marlin Mine, in Guatemala, no study was ever conducted in that specific area. As a result, the representatives of Goldcorp declared that “there is no prove of an existing connection between the use of cyanide and these cases”… Even though:

Cyanide effects- case study: Romania.

In nowadays Romania cyanide is not use in any of the running mining projects. Despite this, Romania is known as the country where two of the most devastating ecological accidents involving spills from cyanide lakes have occurred in the history of mining: Certej (1971) and Baia Mare (2000). The Certej spill, also known as the most terrible tragedy in peace times, killed 89 and wounded 76 people.

Banning cyanide mining:

In 2010 the European Parliament voted, with 488 votes for, 48 against and 57 abstains, a resolution that completely banned the usage of mining technologies based on cyanide in the European Union.  Unfortunately, the European Commission considered that the final decision regarding the implementation of this new resolution in national legislatures should be made by each member states of the European Union.

Rosia Montana vs. Gabriel Resources GBU - 2:0. Two vital permits for the mine proposal are annulled by court

Rosia Montana, 16. April 2014  – Two judgments, both of which are very important for Rosia Montana, were released yesterday. The first relates to the annulment of the environmental avis for ‘RMGC’s modified Zoning Plan for the Industrial Development area.’ The second rejected an appeal submitted by the project owner about suspending the archaeological discharge for Rosia Montana’s Carnic Massif.


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