Romanian Government brings back the national expropriation law

"The Romanian Government and the mining industry do not give up the national expropriation law. A new draft bill was proposed, which is beneficial to Roșia Montană Gold Corporation, Deva Gold or Samax Romania alike. Organisations were excluded from the inter-ministerial work group during the new bill drafting process, so as not to interfere with the deals between Romanian officials and industry representatives", said Roxana Pencea Brădățan of Mining Watch Romania.

Tudose, we won’t give up Roșia Montană!

Roşia Montană / Romania, 30 August 2017 - The Save Rosia Montana! campaign urges Romania’s Prime Minister Tudose to prevent Rosia Montana from being destroyed in agreeing to a compromise of the arbitration case with Gabriel Resources, the Canadian mining company wanting to develop Europe’s largest open-cast mine at Rosia Montana. A compromise between the two parties to the dispute would be lawful for Romania and would likely lead to the withdrawal of the ongoing UNESCO nomination procedure for Rosia Montana as well as the granting of the permit for the mine.

Gabriel: you can always ask but it doesn’t mean we will let you get it!

Rosia Montana/Romania, 30.June 2017 - With Gabriel Resources seeking US$4.4 billion in damages, Alburnus Maior, a prospective amicus curiae in the arbitration case, announces that it aims to file its brief to the ICSID Tribunal until September 2018 at the latest. It will detail compelling concerns and information overlooked by the parties to the case. 

Report: Gold-digging with investor-state lawsuits

Canadian mining company Gabriel Resources is using an investor-state lawsuit to push through its illegal toxic gold and silver mine in the historical Romanian village of Roşia Montană. The project has faced strong community resistance and is on hold after Romanian courts found that Gabriel had illegally obtained several permits required to operate the mine. Other permits have never been issued as the company failed to submit all necessary data.

Romania's government agrees to a complete lack of transparency in the Rosia Montana arbitration case

6. October 2016 - Alburnus Maior is a non-governmental organisation based in Rosia Montana. It represents the interests of property owners opposing Europe's largest open-pit gold mine proposed by Canadian Gabriel Resources (TSX:GBU) and Romania's government in a joint venture called Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RMGC).

The Romanian Ministry of Environment says YES to banning cyanide based mining

21. April 2016 - The informed opinion of the ministry of environment will underlie the point of view of Cioloş Government for banning cyanide in mining in our country. This point of view was requested by the Parliament from the Government as early as December. The delay in formulating an opinion entailed the blocking of the Parliament's decision-making process.


Roşia Montană Day 2016 - A new beginning

Roşia Montană, 4. February 2016 - On 6 February 2016, when celebrating 1885 years since the first documentary evidence of Roşia Montană, Alburnus Maior and Asociaţia Bucureşti associations invite you to the sixth edition of Roşia Montană Day. The event is organised in eleven cities and aims to lay the foundation of a practical development plan for the town through the open workshops and the structured discussions, which will be the core of this year's event.


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