Rosia Montana vs. Gabriel Resources GBU - 2:0. Two vital permits for the mine proposal are annulled by court

Rosia Montana, 16. April 2014  – Two judgments, both of which are very important for Rosia Montana, were released yesterday. The first relates to the annulment of the environmental avis for ‘RMGC’s modified Zoning Plan for the Industrial Development area.’ The second rejected an appeal submitted by the project owner about suspending the archaeological discharge for Rosia Montana’s Carnic Massif.

RMGC loses crucial approval setting a 8 years regress

15. April 2014 - One of the crucial permits necessary for further continuation of the approval procedure for the cyanide mining project in Rosia Montana has been anulled by court today. The Sibiu Regional Environmental Protection Agency's decision (REPA ) had issued an environmental permit for the "Modified Zoning Plan for the Industrial Development Area of RMGC" that is, as of today, not valid anymore.

Evasion and money laundering investigation, the price of bribery for the cyanide Referendum

10. April 2014 - The mining company Rosia Montana Gold Corporation is under investigation for complicity in money laundering in Romania. Millions of euros invested in an extensive PR campaign, meant to convince the public of the investors' seriousness and respect for national and European laws, once again turns out to be useless.

Alert: The Government puts cyanide back into the Romanian Parliament

28. November 2013 - The Government is again planning the destruction of Rosia Montana and advances a new law proposal to boost cyanide mining in Romania. The law proposal registered under no 304/2013 wishes to modify the current mining law no.85/2003 in the sense that all mining activities by private companies are considered of public utility.

Acute cyanide concentration amongst the Parliament’s Special Commission

18. September 2013 – The Alburnus Maior association considers that members of Romania’s parliament (MPs) already known to be vocal supporters of the Rosia Montana mine proposal should not be part of the special and mixed Commission to assess the controversial law proposal. Alburnus Maior considers that this would constitute a serious offense to civil society. Yesterday the standing bureaus of the parliament’s two chambers each proposed the special committee’s composition. It now needs to be validated during the two chambers’ next meeting. 

Press releaseregarding the visit to Roşia Montană planned by the Permanent Commission for the Relation to UNESCO of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate

19. August 2013 - Following the initiative of the Permanent Commission for the Relation to UNESCO of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate to organize a working visit to Roşia Montană, announced in the press release from June 25th, and scheduled for August 20th,


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