Roşia Montană in UNESCO

The impact on the cultural patrimony

Roșia Montană is one of the oldest documented mine localities in Romania (1882 years). Its patrimony includes pre-roman and roman mines, unique in the world, and numerous monument buildings dated to different time periods. All these archeological and cultural values would qualify Roșia Montană for UNESCO World Heritage. As a matter of fact the proper documentation has been already submitted and is currently awaiting to be signed by the Ministry of Culture.

The impact on the community

In its current state the RMGC mining project can only be carried with a relocation of the local community. This relocation means sacrificing the majority of the private properties, the public buildings and the all the churches serving the community. Roșia Montană, the way we know it today will cease to exist. As proven many times before major relocations are traumatic for the communities involved and should only be considered as options in special cases of public utility, which is not the case at Roșia Montană.

18th General Assembly of ICOMOS: Rescue of the Roşia Montană mining landscape and promotion of sustainable development model

6. January 2015

18th General Assembly of ICOMOS
Florence, Italy, 9 to 14 November 2014 

Resolutions of the General Assembly

Resolution 18GA 2014/19
Rescue of the Roşia Montană mining landscape and promotion of sustainable development model
[submitted by ICOMOS Romania, supported by ICOMOS Hungary, ICOMOS Germany and CIAV]

Roşia Montană should become a model of sustainable development in Europe

19. June 2014

PRESS RELEASE - issued by the joint mission of Europa Nostra and the European Investment Bank Institute, arrived in Romania for a mission dedicated to Roşia Montană, listed as one of ‘The 7 Most Endangered’ heritage sites in Europe in 2013, upon nomination made by Pro-Patrimonio Foundation.


"Roşia Montană should become a model of sustainable development in Europe"

Rosia Montana vs. Gabriel Resources GBU - 2:0. Two vital permits for the mine proposal are annulled by court

Rosia Montana, 16. April 2014  – Two judgments, both of which are very important for Rosia Montana, were released yesterday. The first relates to the annulment of the environmental avis for ‘RMGC’s modified Zoning Plan for the Industrial Development area.’ The second rejected an appeal submitted by the project owner about suspending the archaeological discharge for Rosia Montana’s Carnic Massif.


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