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Gabriel Resources quest for unconstitutional law provisions

12. December 2013 - In a press conference that took place today in Bucharest, the Alburnus Maior and Salvați Bucureștiul Associations have presented the abusive and unconstitutional provisions proposed by the latest trail to modify the Mining Law. The new bill was rejected in the lower chamber of the Romanian Parliament, as the 160 votes for were insufficient to adopt an organic law.

Police is everywhere, justice is nowhere! Pungesti and Rosia Montana are under threat by Romanian authorities!

3. December 2013 - Yesterday, the Romanian Senate debated and voted the proposal initiated by the Government that would amend the current Mining Law. Proposal L 304/2013 was rejected by the Senate in the absence of the needed number of votes. The law is now sent to the Chamber of Deputies, which is the decisional chamber.

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