Rosia Montana's Anniversary – International celebration for 1883 years of historical documentation of the oldest mining settlement in Romania

Rosia Montana, 4. February 2014 – On the 6th of February 2014, Save Rosia Montana Campaign organizes the fourth edition of Rosia Montana's Anniversary, a cultural event with the occasion of Rosia Montana's celebrating 1883 years of historical documentation. The event is dedicated to the existing exceptional cultural and natural heritage of Rosia Montana and will take place in 40 cities from more than 10 countries worldwide.

Open letter ref. the Rosia Montana mine proposal to the American vice president Biden

22. October 2013 - The Rosia Montana Washington DC group sent on October 22nd an open letter to the American vice president Joe Biden reffering to the Rosia Montana mining project. The Romanian prime minister met Biden during Ponta's official visit to the United States. During the meeting, several protestars against cynide gold-mining demonstrated in front of the White House.

Dear Vice President Biden,

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