On 25 May we sanction cyanide supporters!

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On 25 May we sanction cyanide supporters!

22. May 2014 - Save Roşia Montană Campaign encourages its friends to get actively involved in evaluating the candidates for the European Parliament elections and to exert their democratic right to vote on 25 May. The candidates’ assessment is centralised on the webpage www.europarlamentare.rosiamontana.org and it is an indicator of their positions towards open pit cyanide mining of gold deposits in Romania. This instrument offers detailed contact information of candidates and makes it possible to review the statements and actions of each politician monitored. This webpage, together with other analyses of Romanian society issues, allows us to make a consciously assumed voting decision. The thousands of messages sent by Save Roşia Montană Campaign supporters to candidates resulted in the Roşia Montană case being included in the public discourse of the current election campaign.

The large number of participation actions, from civil disobedience to advocacy campaigns, kept the cyanide mining plans at Roşia Montană far from being implemented. The company which envisaged producing the first gold bullion in 2004 is now in 2014 much farther from their target, being currently dependant on the large number of legislative changes and with the environmental permitting procedure kept artificially in progress. Permits illegally granted by authorities are constantly cancelled in court. The government proposed by a political force elected by a vast majority and with an outstanding parliament support was not able to help in any way the illegitimate and illegal plans of the mining company. Blocking the mining project was possible each time by the active and steady involvement of all those interested in the sustainable development of Roşia Montană.

Many members of the current political class prove to be a constant disappointment, and many of them do this through the illegitimate support they provide to the mining company, a support suspected by many to stem from various deeds of corruption. It is therefore all the more important that such undesirable aspects of the activity of certain politicians should be sanctioned in any possible way, including by voting.

The Save Roşia Montană Campaign, with its consistent discourse over the 15 years of activity, believes that real changes occur as a result of steady, assertive and incisive endeavours. The constant pressure, including by voting, on those having a decision making power or who wish to have it has kept Roşia Montană and cyanide mining in Romania among topics of public interest. We have permanently monitored the way how political actors voted and acted, exactly in order to be able to sanction them on the election day.

”We, citizens, have a very large power upon the political class, especially when we unite for common causes. The activity of European Parliament members elected on 25 May is directly related to Roşia Montană and can be influenced by our pressures. The European Parliament is the institution which in 2010 voted a resolution recommending a ban on cyanide use in mining and which has the power to convince the European Commission to implement it as a directive in member states. Each citizen is free to use their vote at their own discretion, but having in mind that a politician who accepts the destruction of Roşia Montană will not be a good European Parliament member in other respects either.”, said Eugen David, president of Alburnus Maior Association.

For more information please contact us at alburnusmaior@ngo.ro