In the past years thousands of new people from all over the world have joined the campaign and the results are amazing. This massive manifestation of civic spirit entitles us to proudly assert that with the support of each and every one of you we can continue and develop de biggest social and environmental campaign ever experienced by Romania.

During this period of time, more than ever before, we must act with vigilance, a critical attitude and determination. Next we list some of our suggestions regarding participating to a public manifestation. Choose whatever works better for you and join us!
Be a part of the campaign’s playful actions, public manifestations and all the rest of raising public awareness activities that we organize. Stay informed by accessing  Alburnus Maior and Rosia Montana in Unesco  Facebook pages. Don’t forget to like these pages in order to receive all the new information posted there directly on you Facebook profile.

Save Roșia Montană is before anything else, your right to free speech. We assembled a small kit of civic noncompliance so that you can fully understand and enjoy exercising your civic right to participate to public manifestations and protests for Roșia Montană.

If you want to start a new public manifestation or to be a part of one, remember to show appreciation and to cherish your right to free assembling, earned also in the street by previous generations and to celebrate it as such. Making noise is essential and the feeling of solidarity is transmitted through the rhythmic noise made by plastic bottles full with coins and by the endless music made by improvised drums, whistles and vuzuzela. The art of protesting cannot be taught, but lived as a part of a protesting group.

As a sign of respect to the fight for freedom that the people from Roșia Montană, initiators of Save Roșia Montană campaign, started 14 years ago we invite you to:

- be ready to answer in a short, polite and concise manner to questions that other people or the press might ask you; come well equipped with strong arguments that you can find right here, on this site .
- if you are the target of a violent aggression from a member of the security forces: sit down, retreat, ask to be treated justly. The protests must be peaceful, we don’t encourage violence!
- don’t reply to instigations of those who try to discredit the manifestation; we must try to overcome tense moments by shouting all together “without violence, without violence!”
- do not consume alcoholic beverages and do not bring water in bottles still labeled as alcoholic beverages.

Items you can use to protest and raise awareness:

Wear a t-shirt, or any other garment piece with the logo Save Roșia Montană when you go jogging, shopping or walking you kids or dogs
T-shirt Salvați Roșia Montană!
Use the stencil below to make yourself a Save Roșia Montană t-shirt or to stick it in different places around town
Stencil Save Roșia Montană
Download the stickers listed below, fill you printer with paper and start working
Sticker Salvați Roșia Montană!
Sticker Susțin Campania Salvați Roșia Montană!
Matrica Mentsük meg Verespatakot!

Other materials and flyers templates below
All you need to know about the mining project.