Opening of Tarina Pension, Rosia Montana

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Opening of Tarina Pension, Rosia Montana

Rosia Montana, 3. May 2012 - Maria and Eugen David, members of Alburnus Maior Association who oppose the mining project in Rosia Montana, are pleased to announce the inauguration of 'Tarina Pension'.

Together with his family, Eugen David began working to organize a guest house since 2004. Now ready to host around 15 guests, 'Tarina Pension' from Rosia Montana is located in a rural landscape, typical for households in the Apuseni Mountains and offers tourists rooms with 2 or 4 beds, with rustic furniture.

Sunday, April 29, a special place in the program celebration of May 1, attended by over 100 guests inspired by the fight for freedom of locals from Rosia Montana, was dedicated to the opening of Tarina Pension, owned by David family. Eugene, his wife Maria and their daughter Diana David welcomed tourists with  local culinary delights. OM band from Cluj held a concert in ethno-fusion rhythms, followed by a show of juggling and a campfire with discussion about the struggle of locals and the future of Rosia Montana.

Eugen David welcomed his guests with humor and joy: "I wish you all welcome to Rosia Montana. Many thanks to the OM band musicians. Am a happy man! We show the world that in Rosia Montana we can build together our future. In Rosia Montana, the future is green. I am not exaggerating at all when I say that nature keeps us all alive. Thanks to you and people around the country, we managed to keep Rosia Montana alive. My main activity remains agriculture. Because traditional agriculture means continuity. You are always welcome to return and with that I have to conclude, because I must go to milk my cows. "

The opening of Tarina Pension is part of actions meant to develop tourism in the area and promote alternatives in Rosia Montana. The guest house complements similar efforts in place, such as the 'La Gruber Hostel', offering accredited units of accommodation for tourists. The flow of visitors increases every year in the summer. This is mainly due to the publicity around the fight against the largest gold mine project in Europe, which is planned to destroy Rosia Montana, but also to the roman galleries preserved in the local mining museum. These tourist attractions bring thousands of visitors every year. The peak touristic season is represented by the 'Hay Festival' (FanFest), taking place in August.

Although the most important touristic season begins in May and ends in October, the village is visited constantly during the year by journalists, experts and people interested in learning about the mining project and the Save Rosia Montana campaign.

An important aspect in the context of the publicity campaign orchestrated by the mining company that claims that the mining project in Rosia Montana is the only economic solution for the area, is that Eugen David wants to establish a concrete example to prove that that alternative development is possible and it can be followed by other local families.

From the coments of the tourists:    

"Spinach pies baked by the family of Eugen David is a strong reason to come back here." said Pierre Jabin, one of the tourists.    

"I knew from the pictures that Rosia Montana is beautiful, but I never thought I would be so impressed to discover it live. People here, the way the sun sets and reflects the Carnic mountain ... Rosia Montana is magical!" completed Florin Arhire, another tourist.    

"I took over 6000 pictures in 3 days. I didn't miss any sunrise or sunset and still there are so many beautiful shots that I have not yet taken ... I will always return to Rosia!" Leona Gem commented.

Tarina Pension warmly awaits its visitors throughout the year.

For details and reservations, contact David Eugen on the phone: +40 740 280 309.

For English language please call Ani Rus: +40 741 473 414.

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