September 8th – General call for action for Rosia Montana

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September 8th – General call for action for Rosia Montana

2. September 2013 - Alburnus Maior wishes to remind Romanian government and parliament members the demands adressed to the authorities after the demonstrations on September 1st that took place across Romania and abroad:

1. immediate rejection of the bill by the Parliament;
2. immediate dismissal of the four initiators of this bill: minister for large projects (Dan Sova), the minister for environment (Rovana Plumb), the minister for Culture (Daniel Barbu) and director of the National Agency for Natural Resources (George Duţu)
3. a parliamentary commission of inquiry to investigate the direct responsible actors of this law proposal that seriously affect the fundamental human rights, the principle of separation of powers and violates several provisions of the constitution.
4. immediate ban of the use cyanide in mining and the listing of the Rosia Montana historic site on the Romanian Tentative List for UNESCO.


Alburnus Maior and the supporters of the Save Rosia Montana Campaign that protest every day demand to receive a clear answer to these claims. Unfortunately, statements issued by members of the government do not correspond to these requests of tens of thousands of people who took the streets. The mobilization of September 8th is meant to remind lawmakers the citizens’ will to reject the law that regulates the destruction of Rosia Montana. Through social networks all those who want to save Rosia Montana are called out in the streets to have their voices heard.

The evening of September 5th protesters have occupied the Constitution Square and in front of the Parliament read through loudspeakers passages from the Constitution. The next day, Save Rosia Montana campaign activists blocked the entrance of the House of Parliament.

"Our demands have not received any response. The mining project has changed only in the perception of the Government blinded by a surprising increase with 2 percent of the fee on mining. The almost 250 thousand tons of cyanide are the same, the dam is still 185 meters high and still all made ​​of rocks and earth. My 14 years old daughter negotiates better than the Romanian government. The same government that is now gambling the political stability and economic development to endorse one of the biggest frauds in the recent history of the Romanian people"said Eugen David, President of Alburnus Maior.

"People cannot be fooled by the media bought by the company. Any attempt to ignore or discredit the protests will only bring more people dissatisfied with the callousness of the government. I will go out in the street until Rosia Montana will receive the signature of the Minister for inclusion in UNESCO and until the bill will be dismissed, "said one of the protesters.

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