Solidarity message with anti-mining activists in Greece

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Solidarity message with anti-mining activists in Greece

Rosia Montana, 21. February 2013 - The people of the Save Rosia Montana Campaign express their solidarity with the Greek environmental activists arrested by the Greek police. The arrests took place after the events on the 17th of February, when masked men torched bulldozers, trucks and cabins belonging to the Canadian El Dorado Gold Company, in Skouries, in the northern Greek region of Halkidiki. There is no evidence incriminating the ones arrested.

While we do not encourage the use of violence, we strongly condemn the way arrestings have been operated, triggered towards citizens that openly expressed their opposition to gold mining and the use of cyanide in gold exploitation. The people arrested are well known activists; they were detained and they were forced to give DNA samples just because they publicly declared their anti-goldmining views and because they took part in public protests, all these in the absence of any solid evidence to connect them with the events on the 17th of February.

We condemn this kind of behavior from the Police forces in any democratic country, in Greece or Romania. These are means of repression in dictatorial states.

We ask the Greek authorities for the immediate release of those arrested and state our ongoing solidarity with the Greek citizens who fight against pollution, the destruction of nature and the poisoning of people, land and water.

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