18th General Assembly of ICOMOS: Rescue of the Roşia Montană mining landscape and promotion of sustainable development model

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18th General Assembly of ICOMOS: Rescue of the Roşia Montană mining landscape and promotion of sustainable development model

6. January 2015

18th General Assembly of ICOMOS
Florence, Italy, 9 to 14 November 2014 

Resolutions of the General Assembly

Resolution 18GA 2014/19
Rescue of the Roşia Montană mining landscape and promotion of sustainable development model
[submitted by ICOMOS Romania, supported by ICOMOS Hungary, ICOMOS Germany and CIAV]

The 18th General Assembly:
Recalling resolution n° 20 of the 13th General Assembly (Madrid, 2002), resolution n° 1b of the 14th Extraordinary General Assembly (Victoria Falls, 2003), the resolution of the ICOMOS Conference, held in Pécs, Hungary, 22‐27 May 2004, the ICAHM Statement on the mining concept at Roşia Montană, issued in Lyon, France, at the European Archaeological Association Conference on 9 September 2004, resolution n° 8 of the 15th General Assembly(Xi’an, 2005), resolution n° 4 of the 16th General Assembly (Quebec, 2008) resolution n° 22 of the 17th General Assembly (Paris, 2011) and the resolution of the ICOMOS Executive Committee (San José, 2013);

Recalling all actions undertaken by ICOMOS and its Romanian National Committee to bring a resolution to this conflict and an international recognition of this exceptional archaeological and cultural landscape associated to historical mining activities,

Taking into consideration that additional statements of concern have been issued by official, scientific and professional institutions and bodies and those of several NGOs and religious communities;

Noting the lack of reaction from the Romanian authorities in respect to the above mentioned repeated calls from the international and Romanian professionals and civil society;

Noting with satisfaction that in 2013 the Romanian Parliament rejected with an enormous majority the bill on the mining project at Roşia Montană as proposed by the Government;

Considering that this democratic reaction opens the way to a new approach for the rehabilitation of the social life of the area, based upon the protection, rehabilitation and enhancement of the natural and cultural heritage of the locality and of the region of Roşia Montană;

Taking into account the decision of Europa Nostra to list Roşia Montană in the list of Europe's most endangered monuments and sites and, consequently, its commitment to contribute to a new development paradigm for the area, whereas organizations like ICOMOS can fully be part of the elaboration process;

Affirming once more the outstanding significance of Roşia Montană – the ancient Alburnus Maior, a cultural landscape which evolved over two millennia, from the unique vestiges of the Roman underground mining system, to the Middle Ages, Renaissance and the Modern Times, together with the traditional mining town, inherited from the Habsburg times;

Reiterating its deepest concern about the planned mining operations that, after more than a decade of repeated high profile international calls of warning and support and national actions in defence of heritage, still threaten Roşia Montană and its surroundings;

Recognising the necessity to launch emergency measures for the salvaging, conservation and restoration of the heritage features of Roşia Montană and for the promotion of a viable, sustainable development model based on the rich cultural and natural heritage resources of the area;

Considering the worldwide relevance of the case of Roşia Montană for so many other historical sites and landscapes under threat from contemporary, large scale, open-cast mining,

Calls again upon all the authorities in charge of the management, protection and conservation of Romania’s heritage to reinforce their commitment and ensure that precedence is given to the protection, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage over industrial and construction pressures, and to implement policies and best practices consequently, in accordance to the provisions of all relevant international charters and of international conventions adopted by Romania;

Expresses again its willingness to collaborate with the above authorities and offer them the availability of its professional network to assist them in this work so as to make Roşia Montană a model in developing and applying appropriate policies and practices in the conservation of historic places;

Requests the Executive Committee to establish a working group on Roşia Montană within ICOMOS, formed by representatives of its relevant scientific committees (e.g. CIAV, CIVVIH, ICAHM, ISCCL), having the task to propose a plan and a roadmap for the elaboration of a set of principles for the sustainable development of the Roşia Montană area based upon the rehabilitation and enhancement of its cultural and natural assets. The working group will be open to collaborate with and receive contribution from other organizations such as Europa Nostra, TICCIH, etc.