Rosia Montana's new urbanism plans – a new threat for RMGC mine proposal in Romania (TSX:GBU)

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Rosia Montana's new urbanism plans – a new threat for RMGC mine proposal in Romania (TSX:GBU)

Rosia Montana, 6. August 2014 – Rosia Montana’s City Hall recently announced that it would put in place a new general urbanism plan (PUG), as its predecessor which was adopted in 2002, expired in spring. According to legislation applicable both in Romania and within the EU, the approval procedure for any urbanism plans ensures access to information and public participation opportunities.

Nevertheless, in this particular case, the local authorities are yet again disregarding applicable legal provisions in refusing to give the public access to the documentation to do with the proposed general urbanism plan PUG. This in return has set the premises for new court actions to annul any decisions related to the new PUG.

A valid PUG is a prerequisite for many permitting procedures; including the EIA. Any court actions related to the new PUG are thus likely to also impact related permitting procedures. In the past the General Urbanism Plan (PUG) and Zonal Urbanism Plan (PUZ) for the RMGC Industrial Development Area have been successively challenged and successfully annulled by the Save Rosia Montana campaign. Since the 2002, RMGC the project owner has continuously assisted Rosia Montana’s City Hall in producing urbanism plan that comply with its murky mine proposal.

The present violation of the PUG approval procedure is greatly condemned by the local community and NGOs, and so is the proposal itself as it continues to block any local development initiatives in area. The Save Rosia Montana is determined to take legal action against irregular administrative decisions and any urbanism plan that interfers with Alburnus Maior members' struggle for a fair, democratic decision-making, in the spirit of their principles and ideals.

“It's not the first time when local authorities offer fake hopes to RMGC's investors. The illegal manner by which these urbanism plans were endorsed will surface. We are here to make sure that this will be stated loud and clear in the court of justice,” concludes Eugen David, the president of Alburnus Maior.

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