SURVEY: 66% of Romanians ask for a cyanide ban

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SURVEY: 66% of Romanians ask for a cyanide ban

In March this year TNS CSOP surveyed the Romanians' attitude towards the use of cyanide in mining. The survey indicates that 66% of respondents want the Romanian Parliament to ban the use of cyanide in mining. This percentage grows to 85% in the Center region, in the close vicinity of the gold deposits envisaged to be mined in the near future.

4. April 2016 - The omnibus survey was conducted country-wide and is based on 1045 face-to-face interviews with women and men aged 18 to 64 from both urban and rural areas. The survey was carried out in the context of the Romanian Parliament having to decide upon the draft bill for banning cyanide in mining.

The legislative initiative to amend the Mining Law, proposed in 2007, was hidden at various key moments in the drawers of the Commission for Industries in the Chamber of Deputies. In December 2015 the Chamber's plenum debated on the law and voted for it to be remitted to the commission for a new report. The draft bill had received a rejection recommendation, but the deputies decided to remit it to the specialised commission. At the same time a new opinion from the Cioloş Government was requested. 

The cyanide ban should become a priority for the Romanian Parliament, according to the views of 60% of the country's population, particularly of people aged 30 to 64 with secondary and higher education. The survey also indicates that 70% of population value alternative job creation (tourism, agriculture etc.), rather than opening a mining exploitation:

- 63% of respondents believe that the use of cyanide is toxic for people and the environment;

- If they were to choose between destroying a mountain and recycling mobile phones to obtain the same quantity of gold, Romania's population prefers recycling (60% of respondents). This opinion is much more obvious in the central region of Romania, where we find the highest percentage of "pro recycling" opinions (73%);

- 70% of respondents believe that tourism, agriculture and the valorization of heritage are better solutions for creating the same number of jobs than opening a mining exploitation. In the Centre (86%) and South-West (88%) regions the valorization of alternative job creation solutions is preferred by more people than in any other regions of Romania.

"All state institutions run away from the issue of banning cyanide in mining. It is an election year and the whole country wishes to get rid of the cyanide pollution concern, except for politicians who still dream of the detestable mining businesses. Where we, citizens, see acid rain and toxic leaks, they see a big business opportunity after elections. It is our duty and it rests with us to take cyanide out of their heads", said Eugen David, president of Alburnus Maior association.

Notes for editors:

The survey was performed by TNS CSOP in March 2016, upon the request of Papaya Advertising.

Papaya Advertising has supported the Save Roşia Montană Campaign over time.

The detailed questionnaire results may be accessed here (Romanian only)



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