The Romanian Ministry of Environment says YES to banning cyanide based mining

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The Romanian Ministry of Environment says YES to banning cyanide based mining

25 April 2016 – The minister of environment, Cristiana Paşca Palmer, announced that she sent to the Government of Romania her opinion, whereby she supports the passing of the draft bill Pl-x no. 429/2007 for banning cyanide based mining. 

21. April 2016 - The informed opinion of the ministry of environment will underlie the point of view of Cioloş Government for banning cyanide in mining in our country. This point of view was requested by the Parliament from the Government as early as December. The delay in formulating an opinion entailed the blocking of the Parliament's decision-making process. The Chamber of Deputies’ vote could result in the enactment of the definitive ban on using cyanide in mining, which was the Romanian citizens' firmly expressed opinion.

The competent ministry’s opinion communicated to the Romanian Government also reflects the European Parliament's resolution of May 2010, which requested a ban on the use of cyanide in mining in the entire European Union. The national parliaments of several EU member states, such as Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, have already banned cyanide mining.

The draft bill for banning cyanide in mining was brought forward in the Romanian Parliament in 2007. The bill stayed hidden in the drawers of the Chamber of Deputies until December 2015 when the plenum voted for it to be remitted to the Industry Commission for a new report. At the same time the Commission requested Cioloş Government to issue a new point of view regarding the ban on cyanide in mining.

"The minister of environment had the courage to confront the mining industry on the issue of banning cyanide. It rests to be seen whether Prime Minister Cioloş will disavow the rivers of cyanide which threaten the health of villages and towns in Apuseni Mountains and Maramureş and will make a correct decision for Romania's future", said Eugen David, president of Alburnus Maior Association.

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