Gabriel: you can always ask but it doesn’t mean we will let you get it!

Rosia Montana/Romania, 30.June 2017 - With Gabriel Resources seeking US$4.4 billion in damages, Alburnus Maior, a prospective amicus curiae in the arbitration case, announces that it aims to file its brief to the ICSID Tribunal until September 2018 at the latest. It will detail compelling concerns and information overlooked by the parties to the case. 

Report: Gold-digging with investor-state lawsuits

Canadian mining company Gabriel Resources is using an investor-state lawsuit to push through its illegal toxic gold and silver mine in the historical Romanian village of Roşia Montană. The project has faced strong community resistance and is on hold after Romanian courts found that Gabriel had illegally obtained several permits required to operate the mine. Other permits have never been issued as the company failed to submit all necessary data.

Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives (CCPA): Canadian corporations abuse investment treaties, bully governments into environmental backtrack

A Losing Proposition - The Failure of Canadian ISDS Policy at Home and Abroad

6. August 2015 - Canadian investors have exploited a controversial mechanism in international investment treaties to challenge public interest regulations in 24 different countries, according to a study released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA).

Gabriel Resources threatens Romania with arbitration over murky mine

Roșia Montană, 21. July 2015 – Formal notification from Gabriel Resources (TSX:GBU) to 'amicably settle differences related to its mine proposal’ is an official and at the same time desperate confirmation that it can’t continue develop the Roșia Montană mine. 15 years after starting it all off, the company’s management has now initiated formal steps to start arbitration to avoid acknowledging failure.

The end of an affair! Gabriel to sue Romania over Roșia Montană via an ISDS case

21. July 2015 - This is the date when the locals of Roșia Montană obtained a subtle confirmation that their village is saved from the destruction of Gabriel Resources. The company admitted yesterday in a press release that they have lost hope in ever mining Europe’s largest gold deposit. At the same time Gabriel Resources announced the submission of a Request for Arbitration at the World Bank's International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes.

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